It’s warming up quite a bit in parts of the US, so I’ve pulled together some easy casual outfit ideas for the warmer days. Most of the outfits have sleeves for protection from the blazing sun. Sleeves can be comfortable in natural fibres like linens, viscose, silk, and cottons. Fits are fluid and roomy to provide breezy outfit ventilation.

It’s the formula of the outfit components that I hope is mostly helpful. Choose any colour palette.

1. Roomy Pants, Short Top, Scarf, Slides, Tote

Combine a pair of roomy pants like lantern pants or wide crops with a boxy short top. The shorter length of the top lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, and offsets that potentially “ too tenty” fit of a wide top. A soft silky scarf drapes over the top, which you either like to wear on a hot day or not. A cognac complement of slides and tote adds polish to the outfit.

Roomy Pants, Short Top, Scarf, Slides, Tote

2. Dress, Summer Bag, Espadrilles

Wearing a longer flowing dress is my outfit preference for a hot day, so this formula is my favourite. Here, a tiered teal linen dress is combined with a pair of very Summery flat espadrilles. The espadrilles are low contrast to the model’s skin tone, which lengthens the leg line a little. A Summery bag like a straw tote completes the look and matches the espadrilles. Opt for sandals and another type casual bag if that’s more your cup of tea. Relaxed and elegant.

Dress, Summer Bag, Espadrilles

4. Palazzos, Drapey Top, Flat Sandals, Beads

If you like to wear super soft, wide, and lightweight pants, palazzos are an option. These are patterned, which packs some punch. These are at an excellent full length which is just below the ankle bone. Wear them shorter if you prefer them cropped. But don’t wear them longer with open-back shoes like these toe-loop sandals because the hems will get caught under your heels as you stride. If you want to wear wide pants longer, wear them with closed-back shoes. A drapey brown knit with asymmetrical hem is a great choice for on top because the shorter front offsets some of its volume. The shorter front also lengthens the leg line. Chunky beads that match the palette of the outfit add a casually polished touch.

Palazzos, Drapey Top, Flat Sandals, Beads

4. Dressy Shorts, Blouse, Flatform Sandals

If you enjoy wearing shorts, a patterned pair in a fluid fit with self-tie belt is one way to go. These are paired with a roomy black blouse that matches the black in the pattern. The front of the blouse is semi-tucked to showcase some waistline, and the tie of the shorts. Chunky black flatform sandals match the black in the clothing. A cinnamon bag adds an earthy touch. I like the dainty layered necklaces too.

Dressy Shorts, Blouse, Flatform Sandals