You are on Team Leggings if you prefer leggings over hosiery, and vice versa. Any pair of leggings counts, whether you wear them for workouts, athleisure, or lounging at home. By hosiery I mean any type of pantyhose, or even thicker tights. From sheer black, coloured, and nude-for-you pantyhose, to patterned hosiery, fishnets, opaques, and fleece-lined tights.

This may seem like an odd comparison. Yet it struck me that despite their similarities, I avoid one completely, but wear the other with joy. I’m wondering about your preferences, and hope you share them in the comments.

I entirely avoid wearing leggings. I don’t even wear them for yoga. I’ve found that Athleta’s salutation joggers work better for me. I find leggings extremely uncomfortable from a fit and fabric point of view. Yet I will happily wear sheer and pretty hosiery with skirts and dresses. The fabric of hosiery is MUCH thinner than leggings, and somehow my body doesn’t feel aggravated by the synthetic compression of the former. In fact, I find sheer hosiery comfortable! That said, I won’t wear thick hosiery like opaques, ribbed tights, or fleece tights. I struggled to wear black opaque tights in the ‘90s when they were all the trendy rage. Bad memories of itchy discomfort from my days of wearing a school uniform have ruined that for me.

My guess is that Team Leggings will pull far ahead of Team Hosiery. Which team are you on? If you can’t pick a side, or wear neither, I’m serving creamed leaks, ginger and garlic Brussel sprouts, and seared Norwegian salmon with giardiniera on the bench. Coconut macaroons for dessert.