Here are three reasons to review your footwear twice a year or more. I do it for each of the two major seasons. It doesn’t take too long, because people tend to have fewer pairs of shoes than items of clothing.  Shoes are also easier to pop on and off as you try them on.

1. Comfort and Fit

This is the most important reason to do a regular assessment: comfort and fit. That includes rarely worn occasion shoes, footwear that has fallen out of favour, and shoes stashed away in other areas of your home. Shoes can become uncomfortable over time, because our feet change as we age. Even size and width. 

The shoes themselves might have changed. It is common for shoes to stretch out into the wrong size. I recently passed on two pairs of boots that have stretched out at least a size, and are no longer wearable.

You also might incur foot injuries that permanently change the type of shoes you enjoy wearing. I fractured my pinky toe eight months ago. It’s fully heeled, but the injury has changed the tolerance levels of that one toe. I had to pass on two pairs of shoes that continued to aggravate it. 

2. Spruce Up and Repair

The assessment is a good time to wash sneakers and laces, polish leather, remove scuffs, have heels resoled, respray with weatherproof spray, and fix damaged footwear. Some footwear will be beyond a spruce up and repair, and those pairs simply need to go. Dusting off rarely worn footwear that continues to hold a place in your wardrobe is satisfying too.

3. Fill Holes and Prevent Duplications

Taking stock helps you make more informed future purchasing decisions. It prevents unnecessary duplication and identifies potential wardrobe holes. If you love to wear on-trend shoes, like some of my clients and friends, it’s a time to ponder which footwear trends you’d like to add to your wardrobe, and which to pass on.

If you love footwear, you will thoroughly enjoy this process. Looking at and after these lovelies will spark joy and satisfaction. Those who are less interested in footwear might find it a chore. Either way, feet are important and deserve your care. That means making sure that your footwear capsule comfortably reflects your needs.