Style enthusiast and boutique owner Melodie Stewart documents her outfits on Instagram. Her style is fashion-forward, quirky, and exuberantly joyful. Melodie loves dressing in technicolour, and has an amazing collection of playful socks, eye-catching specs, and kicky kicks.

Melodie Stewart - 1

This is a fab example of Angie’s Flared Skirt and Sweatshirt Outfit Formula. Melodie has combined a full, pleated midi skirt with an oversized sweatshirt with abstract art print. Wearing the longer welted top untucked over the skirt creates a dropped-waist effect. The vibrant red of the skirt is subtly echoed in the art print, while the blue in the print is picked up in our blogger’s quirky oversized circular sunnies. Black chunky-soled booties add Hard Edge and bookend Melodie’s sassy short ‘do. A tiny bag that matches the footwear completes the look.

Melodie Stewart - 2

Melodie dresses down a spiffy Kelly green pantsuit with a bright patterned sweater and multi-coloured sneakers. The tailored blazer adds structure and juxtaposes cleverly with the playful vibe of the chequers-patterned crew-neck sweater. The neon green in the sweater doesn’t match the Kelly green but does tie the colour palette together. Nonchalantly cuffing the straight leg trousers adds a casual touch, and showcases all the colours in the sporty sneaks. The lilac parts echo the purples in the sweater. Melodie’s small structured black bag makes a second appearance, and also ties in with the sweater. Finally, peach-rimmed sunnies match the peach streak in our blogger’s hair.

Melodie Stewart - 3

Even when dressing in black, Melodie throws in a pair of colourful statement kicks. She has tucked a fitted button-down into a tiered and flared midaxi skirt with polka-dot tulle overlay. The polka dots add a playful touch, while the tulle adds a bit of romantic dressiness. The strong shoulder on the on-trend long-line blazer creates structure, while the longer length draws the eye up and down. Our blogger amps up the playfulness with casual colourful sneakers and eye-catching neon socks. A silver studded clutch, stud earrings, and white futuristic statement sunnies finish off the look.

Melodie Stewart - 4

Melodie dresses up a pair of mid-thigh ripped denim shorts with a button-down tunic and long-line blazer. The white tunic shirt adds crispness, and ties the look together by matching the white in the sneaks and the frayed bits on the shorts. The tailored chartreuse blazer adds structure and cheerful colour. The tunic and blazer are the same length, and end at the shorts’ hemline, thus eliminating any cutting horizontal lines. Statement sneaks are Melodie’s trademark. Here she’s picked a pair with emerald laces and coordinated her socks with the laces, which creates visual harmony. Silver bracelets and necklaces, and a beautiful pair of transparent-rimmed specs are the accessories of choice.

Melodie Stewart - 5

I call this “paisley with a punch and a half“. You rarely see paisley tops in this particular colour combo, and it’s absolutely delightful. Melodie has buttoned her tailored shirt all the way up, which adds a touch of strictness that is in fun contrast with the vibrant reds, oranges, fuchsias, and purples. Tucking the shirt into the trendy high-waisted trousers lengthens the leg line from the waist down. The tapered trousers echo the red in the paisley pattern, and make this playfully polished outfit pop even more. Chunky-soled monk-strap loafers and patterned nylon socks ground the look and book-end Melodie’s dark hair. Mirrored black sunglasses, gold earrings, and neutral lippy are the perfect finishing touches.

Melodie Stewart - 6

With the mix of bright colours, patterned mini skirt and white booties, this entire outfit is a delightful nod to early ’90s fashion! Melodie has semi-tucked a relaxed-fit turtleneck sweater into a green and black checked mini pencil skirt that ends just above the knee. As a topper she’s picked a Modern Classic single-breasted wool midi coat in a neon green that clashes enthusiastically with the bright orange sweater. It doesn’t match the darker green of the skirt, but does relate to it in an on-trend way. The white pointy-toe booties that fit neatly on the leg add a crisp disco element to the look. Dark raspberry lipstick and a multi-coloured mini backpack also don’t match the rest of the colour palette but add eclectic visual interest.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of Melodie’s brilliant outfits! Let us know in the comments, and be sure to visit her Instagram for lots more outfit inspiration.