The peacoat is a classic outerwear silhouette we see every year. It’s a short, double-breasted wool or wool-rich coat with a revere collar and long sleeves. Lengths vary from just below the waist to skimming the hip. There are two rows of buttons, and side entry pockets. The buttons are usually metallic, tortoiseshell, or self-colour. Tab and epaulette details on the sleeves and at the back are common but not essential. Most fits are fluidly tailored, but architectural oversized versions are coming through. Neutrals are peacoat favourites, but they’re available in a range of colours and patterns.

I used to LOVE wearing my peacoats and have had several over the decades. I currently have two, and both are navy. The one is old, impeccable, and a beautiful fluidly tailored classic from Burberry. The second is newer and an architectural boxy fit. It has a bit of a Japanese kimono vibe when buttoned up. Both fit perfectly, are comfy, and look great.

Yet I am completely off wearing these peacoats, for now. Not in Autumn and not in Winter. It’s not the colour that is putting me off, because my other navy coats are in high rotation. It’s their short length. Every time I grab one — thinking “I adore peacoats!” — I take it right off and sub it with a long coat. On this leg of my style journey, I’m reaching for my wool coats that finish around the knee, or below it. There is something appealing about their drama, vertical integrity, dressiness, and particularly the way the maxi coats swoosh as I stride. They are also more insulating.

Here are my longer wool coats that continue to get a LOT of wear. Some are over a decade old:

On the other hand, I’m all too happy wearing my casual short puffers jackets. I have two of them, and the citron puffer is my favourite puffer of all time. It’s in high rotation, and frequently worn with a cashmere beanie and scarf in the same colour.

It seems I’m in the mood for long dressy wool coats and short casual puffer jackets. It’s an unexpected outerwear mood swing and sartorial preference, but I’m pandering to it. Although my peacoats have fallen out of favour, I’m not passing them on. I feel great in them, and I can store them. I’m simply feeling more swish, current, and fab in my long coats. The peacoats can hibernate until my mood changes. They shan’t date, and who knows! I might pull one out for Autumn in late September or October.