Sometimes the items that are fashionable and available at retail match our sartorial preferences, complement our style, and suit our needs. Sometimes they don’t, and that’s fine too. Continue wearing the items, combinations, looks, and silhouettes that work best for you. Wear them with confidence, authenticity, and a happy heart. 

Favourites over Fashion

Earth tones, muddy pastels, and greyed colours have been on-trend for several seasons. Greys, black, and silver before that. I love those colours for people who wear them well, but they are not my colours. Aside from a smattering of earthy toffee and oatmeal, I continue to wear sour brights, dark blues, whites, and a few saturated pastels.

The same goes for pearls and white footwear. They recently enjoyed their fashion moment, but as my favourites, I wore them for years before that. And I will continue to enjoy wearing them long after their fashion moment has passed. Trends are fun and inspiring. They draw us together. But your favourites are more important, because they are authentically you.