Wear your favourite colours year round. No need to change them on account of the seasons, unless that’s your preference. I wear Spring and Summer brights all Winter long. Some of my clients wear autumnal earth tones throughout the Spring and Summer. Why not! 

On that note, as we approach Spring in the Northern hemisphere, carry on wearing earth tones if that’s your thing. Here are some ways to wear spicy cinnamon.

1. Cinnamon, Light Blue, Denim and White

Combine a pair of blue jeans in any wash with a white and blue T-shirt, or another type of top. Layer a cinnamon topper over the lot. Add cinnamon boots or loafers to match, or in this case white sneakers with navy stripes. The white and navy sneakers match the white and dark blue in the rest of the outfit. My favourite part of the look is the finishing touch of the light blue and white striped scarf. Unexpected, graphic and pretty. I’d add a light blue or white bag.

Cinnamon, Light Blue, Denim and White

2. Spice, Teal and Purple

A patterned dress or blouse in spice colours is a great way to wear the palette in items that work with the weather. Here, cinnamon, paprika and mustard are re-mixed with teal, forest green, and purple to create a glorious patterned dress. A teal bag and greyed blue slides complete the look and echo the colours in the dress.

Spice, Teal and Purple

3. Cinnamon and Navy

Personally, I like cinnamon best with cool crisp navy and a touch of white, and here’s one way of sporting the palette. A pair of spicy wide crops are paired with a navy and white patterned blouse-y tunic with a self-tie belt to create a bit of structure. White and blue sneakers match the top and cool down the warmth of the cinnamon. A navy bag matches the navy in the outfit. I’d have added a white or orange bag.

Cinnamon and Navy

4. Cinnamon and Black

Last, if you like to wear black, combine cinnamon items with black items. For example, here a cinnamon sweater is paired with a black ruffled wrap skirt. It’s semi-tucked to highlight the tie of the skirt. Cinnamon boots match the sweater, and a black bag matches the skirt. The model’s black hair is a magical match in this outfit. Add jewellery, watch, topper and other accessories as desired.

Cinnamon and Black