Went Spring shopping with a stylish and fab friend yesterday at U-Village - (Seattleites will know how pretty that outdoor shopping mall is!) - as Spring collections unfold.

Very surprised to see that earth tones are STILL GOING STRONG. And EVERYWHERE. 6 to 7 years later. WOW! On sale, and featuring in new merchandise. It must sell well at retail.

Some retailers are always earthy like Madewell, Banana Republic and Aritzia. But they were in good company

#1 trend in every store: cargo pants and cargo skirts. Dressy, casual, drapey, rigid, any neutral. WIDE.

I nabbed a dress for $60 on deep discount in oatmeal and lime from Aritzia. The lime is brighter in person. LOVE! Find #1.


I also found GORGEOUS heathered oatmeal dressy pants. The Aritzia "Effortless Pants" are manifold, but they are NOT created equally. Be discerning when you try them! Some fabrics, fits and lengths are soooooo much better than others. Mine are a recycled polyeser and viscose blend. Lined, substantial, and LUXE. They look and feel like Max Mara pants. Full length, wide, and drapey. LOVE!


And J.Crew did not disappoint with their hot off the press 100% cotton sweaters that are 40% off, right now. I got citron. Fits like the citron on the model. Might need to size down. The new pants look great with it.


My stylish friend cheered me on and approved of all my purchases. Fun day

But back to earth tones:

Are you tired of them at retail? Want to see a change? Want them there forever? Hope they never go away?

Although I dabble in earth tones, and my new honey hair likes to wear oatmeal - personally, I'd like to see fewer earth tones at this stage. Need a change after several years of front and centre.

What do you want?