The last outfit formula of 2022 is an assortment of fabulous looks. Each of them unique and dressy, with a good dose of carefree ease. You’ll find many of the styling strategies I recently suggested for relaxing a dressy look in these outfits. 

1. Layered Pattern Mixing

Four patterns in the same colour palette are combined to create this gorgeous look. A pair of dressy black pinstriped trousers is combined with a dressy patterned blouse. An embroidered sweatshirt is layered over the dressy blouse. The fluid fits of the items give the look its ease. The sweatshirt – casual in itself – relaxes the silk blouse, which is further relaxed by wearing it untucked and over the trousers. A very dressy and luxe coat in a similar pattern to the blouse tops the lot. Its boxy cut adds a chill effect. A pair of casual grey cowboy boots adds back the relaxed touch.

Layered Pattern Mixing

2. Stompy Puffed Sparkle

Two dressy items are combined to create a column of grey. A sparkly silver pleated midi skirt on the bottom and a tweed jacket up top. The blazer is buttoned through to accentuate the tailoring, with I suspect a camisole layered underneath it. To relax the look, a knee-length casual lilac puffer shacket hybrid is popped over the top, and very casual stompy black boots that bookend the model’s hair are the choice for shoes.

Stompy Puffed Sparkle

3. Graphic Volume

This outfit is made up of dressy items and luxe fabrics but the exaggerated volume of each piece gives the look its ease. Black super wide leg pants are combined with a swingy and oversized patterned shirt that’s worn untucked to create even more ease. It’s buttoned up to the collar for a formal effect. The separates are topped with a very roomy and boxy royal blue peacoat. Dressy black pumps add a tailored touch, while a fish-scale bag adds a playful one.

Graphic Volume

4. Matchy-Matchy Socked and Pumped

Last, a bold and dressy patterned midi coat tops a black body-con sweater dress with fun fringe. The roomier fit of the coat adds a relaxed vibe. The patterned pumps and bag perfectly match the patterned coat. Black scrunched socks worn with the pumps add a chill integrity to the dressy look. Festive!

Matchy Matchy Socked and Pumped