For those who like to wear black pants, these outfit ideas might be helpful. You’ll need dressy black pants in a silhouette and fabric that works for you. Coated denim, velvet, leather, crepe, wool, wool blends, and faux leather all work well. Black jeans in a uniform and dark black wash can work, and so can pinstriped black pants. Black wide leg and wide cropped Ponte pants have been popular with clients too.

These outfits are very neutral. You can stick to black, white, cream, grey, tan, metallics, chocolate brown, navy, and earth tones. Or throw in quiet darks like forest green, eggplant, and teal. Top off all looks with a jacket or coat that works with the weather and ensemble.

1. Dressy Cream Blouse

This is an outfit for a very mild day because of the sandals and sheer blouse. But you can swap those out for a warmer dressy cream top (like a dressy sweater), and cream boots for cold weather. Here, straight leg faux leather black pants are combined with a dressy cream sheer polkadot blouse with matching camisole. It’s semi-tucked, but if it’s not too long wear it untucked. Finish off the look with dressy closed or open shoes, a small bag, and festive jewellery. This is stunning and my favourite of the four. I LOVE the blouse, which has a back neck-tie, so I’ve ordered it.

Dressy Cream Blouse

2. Velvet Top

Here’s a very simple and more casual way to wear black bottoms in a festive way. Combine a pair of wide cropped or full-length black jeans with a warm velvet top in a colour that tickles your fancy. This is a roomy dark green velvet tee that is semi-tucked to create ease. The boxy fit creates ease too. The casual outfit is elevated with a dressy pair of shoes. I like how the length of these jeans showcases the shoes. Feel free to choose dressy flats or boots instead. Add some bling and a bag to match.

Velvet Top

Here are some velvet tops.

3. Textured Sweater

A black sweater in a subtle pattern, with sparkle, or in an interesting texture is fabulous with dressy black pants. Here, I like the textural mix of the cosy and slightly chunky knit with what looks like shiny faux leather or coated denim straight leg pants. The long chunky lariat necklace is gorgeous over the top of the sweater. The dressy heeled sandals with bare feet look seasonally confused to my eye, but if you like the vibe – go for it. I’d have chosen dressy closed shoes like pumps, loafers, ballet flats or boots. Keep them black, tan, cream, or metallic.

Textured Sweater

4. Black Lace

If you enjoy wearing black from head to toe, try combining a black lace top with dressy black pants. The texture of the lace breaks up the expanse of black and adds a good deal of depth and interest. I love the elegant proportions of this outfit. The wide pants gorgeously complement the wide long sleeves of the blouse. Dressy black boots finish off the look.

Black Lace

You can finish off the all-black look with pearl accessories and a metallic bag to add contrast to the outfit. It will brighten the black – especially at night – if that’s more your thing. Brighter nail polish and lipstick are options too.