I enjoyed reading about the perfumes actors wear to get into character.

How fragrance’s famous rose fields in the French town of Grasse are dealing with climate change was also an interesting read.

According to some experts, one of the reasons vanilla-scented fragrances are so popular, is the emotional link with mother’s breast milk and formula as these have strong vanilla fragrance compounds.

Fab Links from Our Members

Wakanda Forever! Nuancedream says: “I haven’t seen the film yet, but I expect to be blown away. Ruth E. Carter will likely need to make room on her mantle for another Oscar for Best Costume Design.”

Minaminu is trying to understand how to mix warm and cool colours, and stumbled across this blog post explaining how to mix them. She loved that James Bond movie outfits were used as examples.

Stagiaire Fash wanted to share this Instagram reel, and adds: “Apologies to lovers of beige and other neutral colors. Also to fans of simple, clothing made of natural fibers.”

Roberta had a good chuckle while reading “I’m wearing tunics now.

Vildy thought this YouTube video was interesting: “How to look expensive, classy, elegant, and fun with the help of Italian designer style secrets.”

Are the Victorians Responsible for Fast Fashion?” This video gave kkards a lot to think about: “It lays out the changes that happened in the Victorian age vis-√†-vis technology, media and society, and finds parallels between then and now. The video also talks about how ready-to-wear started as a way to improve society and add convenience, showing, as always, that there are unexpected and unintended consequences.”