Puffy sleeves, tiered skirts and dresses, ruffly blouses, smocking, shirring, gathering, flouncing, and all sorts of ditsy floral patterns have been enjoying their fashion moment for three seasons. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a habit of overdoing mainstream trends, thereby flooding the market with too much of one look. As a result there is an abundance of this aesthetic at retail in the US, and it’s still going strong.

Some of my clients are enjoying the vibe, and stocking up while their look is on-trend. Others like the look in small doses. But for many more, it’s not their cup of tea. Frequently, they will choose something simple and classic to avoid a silhouette that is too frilly, floral, or puffy to their eye. But that’s not terribly satisfying either.

Personally, I like a bit of a billowing puffy sleeve, tiered skirts and dresses are fab in small doses, a smattering of smocking and shirring is pretty, and flounces that swoosh around my legs get a thumbs up. Yet even I feel ready for a change. That said, I enjoy wearing classic tops, have added several to my wardrobe, and find that satisfying too.

Of course, with all that’s available online and second-hand, you will eventually find items that are to your taste and suit your pocket. You simply need patience, a bit of luck, and to know where to look.

The best fashion seasons are those with ample variety across colours, silhouettes, patterns, and fabrics. With trends sticking around longer than they used to, it will be interesting to see if frills, puffs, and ditsy florals appear in full force for Autumn and Winter collections. I hope there will be more variety.