A new outfit from Dayle of artfulcitystyle, whom we introduced to YLF in December 2019.

Black, white, and red is a classic colour combo that’s always striking. Here, Dayle is sporting a sleeveless, tailored sheath dress with origami-esque folding details that create subtle drape. The bold geometric print reminds me of mid-century modern patterns and makes a marvelous visual impact. Our blogger is a master accessorizer, and has once again picked the perfect jewellery to complement this elegantly graphic outfit. Her red chunky bangles in organic shapes complement the circular elements in the dress’ pattern, while the angular black and white bangle echoes the straight lines. The two-toned bangle also cleverly refers back to the double frame on Dayle’s eye-catching specs. Her playful dangly earrings add an extra bit of red, as does her happy lipstick.

Dayle - 1

Dayle - 2