Angie's post today reminded me of this poem I wrote and posted in Feb of 2018 called "Ode to Our Embellished Fashion Era". Hard to believe it was over 4 years ago! It covers a range of styles a bit broader than frills, puffs, and florals. I. have never been a fan of these styles, but I did have fun writing this poem! I don't do much creative writing but I probably should.


What we wear...

Plentiful embroidery and whimsical cajolery
Cut out, stressed out, burned out, and thrown out
Ripped, shredded, worn, torn, and forlorn
Laced, disgraced, displaced, maced, and defaced
Pompoms, crampons, hanger-ons, and unmowed lawns
Ruffles, truffles, muffles, snuffles, and kerfluffles
Straps and buckles, surrounded by chuckles
Frills and lace at a frenzied pace
Shoulder holes, mayday poles, singing bowls
Big bell sleeves that make you sneeze, seat belt weaves and table leaves
Hardware, malware, gagwear, flagwear, snagwear
Sequins, shark fins, cookie tins
Rings and wings and mattress springs
Sparkle and glitter, princess Markle on twitter
Fringed, singed, cringed, tinged, and unhinged
Non-functional zippers, beluga whale flippers
striped socks, bird flocks, department of silly walks
bow ties, cow pies, fishing flies, waist ties, pleated thighs, jeweled eyes
Grommets, plackets, eyelets and pockets
over the knee, under a tree, backless shoes, chimney flues
Ruching and smooching, double hems and colored gems

…and oh the prints!

Grumpy cats, pretty bats, pugs in rugs, bees in trees
Gee gaws, hee haws, flee flaws, lobster claws, jackdaws
Bowers and towers of flowers
cranes and owls, peacocks with jowls
hedgehogs, warthogs, big dogs, groundhogs, green frogs
horses and llamas, camels in pajamas
flamingoes and dingos, puppies and guppies, foxes in boxes
checks and plaids and polka dots, fruits and nuts and nautical knots
window pane with cellophane
leopard and snake, cookies and cake
westies and yorkies, teddies and butterflies

nothing plain, nothing simple, every face must have a dimple
around and around and around it goes, where it stops, nobody knows!