My recent search to replace a couple of beaten up casual white loafer wardrobe essentials was successful in a few ways. First, it was great to see that more and more footwear brands are producing more sustainably and ethically. 

Second, after trying many styles, two pairs ticked off the boxes and made my shortlist. Both pairs had an extremely soft footbed. Later I noticed that both the Carvelas and the Hispanitas have what they describe as a ‘TRIFLOW gel system’. They had an attached swing tag explaining that this is a triple-padded footbed that emphasizes “cushioning, flexibility and innovation.”

Is it coincidence that these two shoe designs are extremely comfortable, or is the TRIFLOW gel system living up to its promise? I can’t be certain, but these two pairs of shoes are remarkably comfortable. It’s just what I need for my city walking lifestyle. It’s also great to see comfort technology being used in shoes that are not athletic sneakers. I’ll be on the lookout for more TRIFLOW gel footbed action. Have you noticed it in any of your shoes?