You are on Team Black if you prefer wearing solid black to wearing solid grey in Summer, and vice versa. All wardrobe items and shades of grey count. Metallic silver bags, belts, and shoes count as grey. 

I don’t wear solid black or grey at all, and bat for Team Gold. Dark blue is my ‘black’ and solid grey is not a neutral I am attracted to. I’ve worn a very light pearl grey Furla satchel in the past, which was almost white and liked it. I would wear that colour bag again if I found shoes to match. Since I wear neither solid these days, I’m sitting this one out on the bench.

Over to you. Do you wear more solid black or solid grey in Summer? Tell us why, and no batting for both teams. If you can’t choose, or wear neither, come join me on the bench. I’m serving a very chunky peppadew, Swiss chard and chicken soup with the very best bread and butter. Papaya and strawberries for dessert.