Light purple tints and tones can be more pink or more blue, so take your pick. They can be worn as a solid, in a pattern, as an accessory, and in the form of make-up, lipstick and nail polish. Make a statement with light purple, or wear it as an accent. Wear it close to your face, or away from it. 

Here are some outfit ideas that incorporate bits of light purple for Spring, a cool Summer, or transitional weather.

1. Patterned Dress or Skirt

Patterns can incorporate bit or a lot of light purple. This dress incorporates a bit of light purple, and it’s a very pink purple too. Or choose a patterned dress that has a larger component of light purple, and a less pink purple. Add footwear, a bag, and you’re good to go. Here, the black sandals bookend the models’s black hair, and pick up the small components of black in the pattern.

Patterned Dress or Skirt

2. Solid with Neutrals

Think of any way at all to incorporate solid light purple into an outfit. Think jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, sweaters, knitted tops, sweatshirts, tees, pants, jeans, shoes, hats, eyewear, and bags. Add them to solid neutrals like black, white, grey, and denim blue. Rainbow purple hair is fab too.

Square-toe Moccasin
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Here is an easy way to wear a solid light purple jacket. Combine a pair of black bottoms with a white top that works with them. Choose a silhouette of black bottoms that is to your taste. No need to wear shorts. Top the lot off with a light purple jacket or coat. Finish of the look with black, white, or light purple footwear, and a bag to match. Here, the black bottoms of the model effectively match her hair.

Solid with Neutrals

If you prefer a less solid look, add a patterned light purple scarf to the outfit. Tie it around your neck, your bag, or sport it in your hair. A client of mine likes to tie pretty soft scarves around her low ponytail. She adds hoop earrings and looks fabulous.

3. Patterned Top and Jeans

Combine a lilac patterned top with a pair of blue or white jeans. Add shoes and a bag that work with the outfit. Here a lilac patterned top is paired with blue jeans. The white in the pattern could make it work with white jeans too. The model wears cognac boots that pick up a similar colour in the top. I can see white shoes work well too.

Patterned Top and Jeans

4. Heathered and Floral

Last, a greyed light purple sweater is combined with a floral patterned skirt which has light purple in it too. The slouchy sweater is semi-tucked to showcase a bit of waistline for structure. The denim jacket is optional. It’s short, which works particularly well with skirts. The light denim wash works well with the pastel integrity of the outfit. A white complement of sneakers, bag, and sunnies also works well with the pastel integrity of the look. Nice bling necklace too.

Heathered and Floral