A new outfit from Susanne Ackstaller of Texterella, whom we introduced to YLF in October 2019.

An elegant and dressy Spring look that packs a punch and a half. Susanne is sporting wide-legged trousers and a long-sleeved blouse with large-scale floral print. The hot pink trousers are a statement piece that is matched by the exuberance of the vivid floral pattern. A subtle ruffle on the neckline and sleeves adds some textural interest. The hot pink is repeated in the top, while the tomato red pops back up in our blogger’s heeled thong sandals. These lengthen the leg line and peek out cheerily from under Susanne’s beautiful drapey pants. Modern statement red specs and red lipstick tie the entire look together. Finally, Susanne’s sublime short blunt bob adds even more pizzazz.

* Photos by Martina Klein Fotografie, Berlin

Susanne Ackstaller - 1

Susanne Ackstaller - 2