Here’s an easy breezy Summer pants look to wear in high heat. It’s for those who don’t like to wear skirts and dresses, and feel too exposed in shorts. The most important component of the formula is a pair of soft, roomy, wide and floppy palazzo pants, which can be patterned or solid, and in any colour palette. Keep them in natural fibres or natural fibre blends for maximum breeziness and breathability. Lengths can vary from cropped to full length. Waists can be fully structured, half-elastic, or full-elastic.

Here are four different types of breezy tops to pair with the soft wide Summer pants. They range from casual to smart casual.

1. Tee or Tank

Combine soft wide pants with an easy knitted T-shirt or tank top. Semi-tuck the front if you’d like a little structure. If you can find or have a knitted top with a banded or welted bottom, you’ll create a little waist definition without the need to tuck the top. Finish off the look with sandals, slides or espadrilles, and a lovely straw hat. If you’re wearing the pants full length, wear them at a length that is safe so that you don’t trip over them. These look a little long, especially when wearing sandals. You don’t want the hems to get caught in the sandals either.

Tee or Tank

2. Breezy Button-Through

A classic linen, silk and cotton blouse or shirt in a button-through style can look great semi-tucked into soft wide pants. Classic and polished for Team Shirt. The tucked top elongates the leg line from the hips upwards. Scrunch the sleeves, add Summery footwear and a bag to match, and you’re done. These are at a safe length, so you won’t trip over them.

Breezy Button Through

3. 2-Piece Jumpsuit

This is my favourite combination because it’s a jumpsuit made of two practical pieces — the soft wide pants, and a roomy blouse in the same fabric and pattern. Tie the fronts of the blouse into a square knot to create a little outfit structure. The square knot will create a neat, flat and professional looking knot. Don’t tie it too high or tight if you prefer a fluid silhouette. Scrunch the sleeves to showcase some skin. Add Summery footwear and you’re done.

2-Piece Jumpsuit

4. Tie-Front Top

A knitted or woven top with a build-in tie front is super easy and breezy. It allows you to create a little outfit structure without tucking the top. It will also lengthen the waist of a short waist. Roomy diagonal sleeves are flattering and cooler than a longer sleeve. Here, a solid tie-front top is paired with patterned soft wide pants and finished off with slides in the same colour palette. Add jewellery, watch, headgear and eyewear as desired.

Tie Front Top