There’s a new resident at the Cox Castle. Meet Yorkshire Terrier Jo, which is short for Josephine. We named her after my late Indonesian grandmother, who used to breed toy poodles and was absolutely besotted with dogs. Oma, Mama, Rosie, and Jasmine are looking down from their big fluffy clouds with delight. 

We brought Jo home yesterday at nine weeks old. She weighs two pounds, and we expect her to grow up to be a similar size to 6.5 pound, big brother Sam. We bought the smallest collar we could find (in the kitty section) and it’s too big, but Jo will grow into it soon.




Don’t let Jo’s young age and delicate stature fool you. She is independent, clever, strong, adventurous, loud, playful, affectionate, and very social. She got through a barricade and baby gate in two seconds last night. She drags toys and bones around that are bigger than her slight self, and runs after her new big brother with confidence. She learned to use the balcony “porch potty” on her second try.




Although we had to wait for her, little Jo was officially my 50th birthday present. I am elated and smitten, and so is hubs Greg. Our little guy Sam is trying his best to be a patient, sweet and supportive big brother. He moves between curious, tolerant, and a little annoyed. We’re making sure he understands that he’s still top dog and CEO. Little Jo takes it in her stride. All things considered, Sam is doing a better job of welcoming his little sister into our family than we expected.

It took ten years, but we are once again “tous les quatre.” YLF has a feisty new employee, and the YLF community has a stylish new member. I suspect that Jo will like to sport sour brights, some pastels, and lots of pretty blue.