If you’re in a part of the world where it’s quite rainy at the moment, these three links are for you:

Fab Links from Our Members

Gigi90 really enjoyed the result of this style quiz — “in-depth and accurate!”

Nuancedream thought this article about how Zara are bullying a small business owner with legal action is stunning and maddening. 

The conversation about what to wear to work is still going strong. CarolS says “Not necessarily anything new or ground-breaking in this CNN article, but I found it an interesting read nevertheless as I contemplate this question for my own pending return to the office in a new hybrid work environment.”

Jaime wanted to share this fun article about her favourite fashion topic.

Searching for fashion news with its finger on the pulse of the times, rachylou came across the Fashion United website.

Blake Lively breaks down 19 of her iconic looks, from 2005 to the 2022 Met Ball, and Mary Beth is in awe.

Stagiaire Fash lets us know that The Lingerie Addict Website is closing down. Previous articles with advice on everything from whether expensive lingerie is worth it to what to do when your bra hurts to reviews by a wide variety of reviewers for a wide variety of readers can still be accessed.

Approprio directs us to this fascinating piece in the Guardian about the economy of counterfeit goods.