Personal style falls on a continuum from minimal to maximal, depending on our sartorial preferences, and changes as our style evolves over time. The continuum isn’t only true of our style overall, but also of its components. Most people have a combination of minimal and maximal components to their styles.

Sometimes it’s a conscious deliberation. We analyse, process, learn, and repeat the level of minimalism or maximalism that make us happy. Other times we’re just going with what feels right, and deliberating about it afterwards, if at all.

My personal style is closer to the maximal end of the continuum in terms of the colours and patterns I prefer. I wear brights from head to toe, mix clashing colours, create high-contrast combinations, wear patterns, and mix, them too. On the other hand, I tend to wear more minimal, simple silhouettes without the bells and whistles.

My accessories are also somewhat minimal, in that I don’t wear much jewellery aside from my pearls, and never wear earrings. But I do wear statement eyewear that adds a more maximal element to the mix. I wear minimal eye make-up, no lipstick and no nail polish, and I don’t think my hairstyle is maximal.

Consciously or subconsciously, I’m striving to achieve a stylish balance. Over to you. What are the minimal and maximal components of your style?