This week’s poll compares two classic jacket silhouettes. You bat for team blazer if you prefer them to bomber jackets, and vice versa. Any type of blazer or bomber counts. Solid, patterned, fitted, fluid, oversized, tailored, long, short, bright, neutral, knitted, woven, short, long, dressy, casual, suited, single-breasted, double-breasted, or belted. Take your pick.

Blazers and bombers are popular with my clientele, but more bat for Team Blazer because of their versatility and tailored integrity. Blazers dress up an outfit, add a sharp and authoritative edge, and look professional. A relaxed bomber on the other hand, has a sporty integrity that can be remixed with all sorts of dressy luxe items to create a playful juxtaposition. A different vibe and just as fab.

I bat for Team Blazer because I don’t have bomber jackets. I used to absolutely adore blazers more than I do today. Over the years, I’ve passed on solid neutral and herringbone blazers that no longer made me happy. I look for alternative toppers that are neither blazer nor moto, but they are harder to find than I thought. I like bombers, but prefer them short, solid, less slouchy, non-neutral, and with a higher neckline. Those are hard to find too.

That said, I love my blazers and wear them quite a bit. They fit well, are fluidly tailored, impeccable quality, and dress up a look. I prefer blazers when they are part of a matching pants suit. I love, love, LOVE my Hugo Boss suit, and plan to get another one this year. I love my Hobbs blazers because they are short, shrunken, and cheeky. My Boden blazers are playful because of the patterns. My denim blazer has a fun cuff that turns back, but you can’t see it in the stock photo. My plaid blazer feels a bit Chanel. I’m on the lookout for the right bomber jacket.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Blazer or Team Bomber? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, or wear neither topper, feel free to sit this one out on the bench with steelhead salmon curry, quinoa and brown rice, Sri Lankan green beans, kale salad, and juicy navel oranges for dessert. My guess is that Team Blazer will win this race.