Sometimes it feels silly to talk about style amidst all the other upheaval in the world, but life is going on. People are doing job interviews, going to events, and are still thinking about how to present themselves. Style also has the potential to be a creative outlet, a source of positivity, and perhaps an escape from other things that are weighing on us.

With respect to the pandemic, things are normalizing, but they’re still far from normal. We’re trying to live with it as best we can. I’m cautiously back to working and shopping with clients in person. In their style, and in my own, I see realignments as we find a new normal amidst all the uncertainty.

For example, occasionally I’ve been wearing refined, dressy sneakers to client meetings, which is something I never did before. It’s a big change for my work style, but feels dead right. I didn’t change my grooming regimen much when we isolated at home over the last couple of years, but I stopped using tinted moisturizer and lipstick, and that change seems to have stuck. In the first year of the pandemic I left off rings and bracelets because of all the hand washing and moisturizing. These days I’m still washing my hands quite a lot, but the wedding ring and pearl bracelets are back.

The next big change to my style is about my hair. After the initial period of at-home isolation, and at one point getting hubs Greg to give me a trim around the edges, I went back to having my hair cut short and shaped fairly regularly. This year, I stopped doing blonde highlights as my pixie grows out into a length that allows me to play with different looks.

I’m getting an increasing frequency of calls from clients who are heading back to work at the office, attending functions, going on trips, and generally resuming a more normal life. One recent client told me she had forgotten how to get dressed and we laughed! It’s so much fun to spend time with them again.

How are things with your style, two years into the pandemic? Are you experiencing any realignments?