It’s often easy to see when a client, friend, or family member loves a potential new wardrobe item. They do a little dance, twirling around in the dressing room. Sometimes they keep the item on for quite a while before removing it. Smiley and happy, looking in the mirror, looking at the item repeatedly. The dressing room might be in a store, but it could also be at home when you’re trying on an item you ordered online.

I relate to this. I often break into a little dance, or twirl around the house when I love a garment I’m trying on for the first time. I remember trying on a gorgeous skirt while birthday shopping with Greg a while ago. I kept spinning around in it, smiling, and waited a long time before removing it to try on the next item. Patient and sweet Greg said, “We are definitely getting that skirt.”

Actions speak louder than words. As you try on a new item, pay attention to the way you instinctively respond to it, and the way you feel in that moment.

Who else does a little dressing room dance when you try on an item that you love?