It can be a tall order to find a comfortable bra (or bralette) that looks good, feels good, gives us the desired support, shape, and doesn’t break the bank. And occasionally when we try to replenish our favourite bras, the styles are discontinued, and we have to start the tedious search from scratch. 

Today I thought we could share our bra shopping woes, and offer solutions. If you haven’t found a solution to your particular challenges, perhaps someone in the YLF community can help you. You can ask a question in the comments section, or even join YLF and ask a question in the forum. I’ll go first.

Personally, I love bras. The pretty lacey ones are my favourites. I had comfort and fit issues because my bra would shift when I stretched or moved in a particular way. I didn’t feel as “locked and loaded” as I would like, and some of my breast tissue spilled out the front.

Eighteen years ago, I went to a bra fitting seminar at Nordstrom that was run by Seattle Dress for Success (an organization I volunteered for). We were professionally fitted for bras. It was an invaluable experience. Every participant at the seminar was wearing the incorrect bra size, myself included. Our band widths were too wide, and the cups too small. I walked into that seminar wearing a 32C bra. After measuring, my correct size was 28D. This brings me to the most important shopping tip, and the rest follows from there.

Know your bra size

Wearing the correct bra size and fit was life-changing for me, making a huge physical and visual difference. If you’re unsure of your size, have your measurements taken professionally by a reputable bra fitter. Make sure the person is experienced and knows what they are doing. Online sites like Knix and Bare Necessities offer effective virtual bra fittings. 

Find the ideal shape for you

Like clothing, bras in the same size across various brands can fit very differently. Some fits run wide, while others run narrow. Some cups offer more coverage than others. Some silhouettes enhance the size of the bust, while others minimize it. Some have underwire, and some don’t.

Knowing your correct bra size is a solid starting point. Next step is finding the right comfortable bra shape and look that best suits the shape of your breasts and body type.

Find one or two go-to brands

Finding a bra in a 28D is hard enough, let alone one that is comfortable and pretty. I like underwire support, ample coverage, and a bit of lace. Through trial and error I stumbled across these bras by Simone Perele that run small. Their 30D fits like a 28D on the right hook, thereby creating a perfect fit. I’ve been wearing these two styles from Simone Perele for many, many, years. Apart from a sports bra for yoga, they are all I wear. I forget that I’m wearing them, they are that comfortable.

Stick with what works

Because I love bras, I wanted to try something different to my Simone Perele staples. Just before the pandemic, I did a whole lot of bra fitting and experimenting across many brands. I tried at least ten other brands in various styles and colours — including Knix bras — and nothing fit as well, looked as good, or was as comfortable as my Simone Perele bras.

As much as I would like to wear bras in colours other than beige and black, that’s all they make in my size and style at Simone Perele. That’s okay. My colourful clothing makes up for it. I’m very happy with my bras and am sticking with them.

Take care of them

Bras can be pricey, and the ones that work best for me are seldom on sale. So I wash them with care and have a number of them to share their wear. I replenish when necessary with exactly the same bras. I hope that the styles won’t be discontinued.

Over to you. What are your bra and bralette shopping woes, and have you found solutions for them?