A recent discussion about button-fly waists has led to a poll. You are on Team Structure if you prefer to wear bottoms with a zipper and/or button-fly waist. You are on Team Pull-On if you prefer pants that pull on with stretch or elastic. If you prefer bottoms with half-elastic waists, you bat for both teams.

The only pull-on pants I have are pyjama pants and leggings. I wear the pyjama pants year round for lounging, and the leggings for yoga and physical therapy. The rest of my jeans, trousers, and shorts have a zipper or button-fly waist. I prefer the structure and bat for Team Structure, although none of my bottoms are tight and body-con.

Over to you, Do you bat for Team Structure or Team Pull-On Pants? Tell us why, and remember that you can bat for both teams if you like a half-elastic waist.