The collegiate and preppy cotton (or cotton-rich) tennis sweater, or cricket sweater, is having a fringe fashion moment. It’s an iconic classic that has been around forever, so we see a few every season. This season, retail is giving the look some love and there’s a larger assortment. 

Tennis sweaters are usually pullovers, but cardigans are available too. Their distinctive colour-blocked and striped V-neck makes the look. Sometimes the stripes are repeated in other parts of the sweater. Most have some sort of stitch interest like cables. White and cream with contrast V-neck striping is the classic combination. But you can get them in navy and other colours. They are usually regular length, but cropped and oversized versions are coming through too.

Here are some examples.

I saw the Brooks Brothers crisp Supima Cotton Tennis Sweater a month ago, and was very intrigued. Brooks Brothers quality is superb, which makes me even more interested. It could be nice for a Seattle Spring with my white, navy, checked, and red bottoms, trendy jeans, and white sneakers or boots. It might work with some of my skirts too. V-necks don’t typically look good on me, but with this one being relatively shallow, and the possibility of filling the gap with a pile of white pearls, it might work. I’ve ordered it to try out the look.

Who else likes the idea of wearing a tennis sweater?