There aren’t that many entries yet, but I’m finding the ‘Never Worn’ series on True to Size very interesting because it explores the reasons why we aren’t wearing an article of clothing that we were initially excited about:

“Never Worn’ explores impulsive buying one garment at a time, as told by its owners. No judging or shaming, but a way to understand this behaviour and, together, make more conscious future decisions.”

Here are three to get you started:

Fab Links from Our Members

Stagiaire Fash directs us to this blog post with 20 suggestions for how to use worn-out clothes.

In line with the previous link, Runcarla enjoyed this article about artists who are upcycling used T-shirts.

That Organic Cotton T-Shirt May Not Be as Organic as You Think.” Kkards found this article really interesting and very disheartening.

She then also found the Good On You website with material guides on e.g. bamboo and wool.

Nuancedream is not surprised that the fashion industry, while touting its sustainability initiatives, is producing and destroying so much merchandise. Shameful.

Vildy loves this unique DIY project: a flapper dress made out of 2000 pennies

Lisa Pippus, of Style Is A Language, is one of Mary Beth’s favourite style writers. She is now also on Instagram, and her posts “are beautifully empowering, illustrated little mini-articles on how/why to identify your personal style brand and colour palette.”

Jaime loved this article, and particularly the introduction to Carla Rockmore, a new-to-her over-50 style icon.

Suntiger wanted to share Imogen’s post on warm versus cool grey hair.

Garden Fairy found this website very helpful because it has all the brand archetypes in one place. This one too, with descriptions for how each archetype uses colour and visual elements.

Last but not least, nemosmom thought this post on how to analyze your mood board from m gets dressed was great.