Our year was filled with sadness and stress, but little Jo arrived in April and filled our hearts with joy. The only thing better than having one Yorkshire Terrier is having two. Twice the fun, companionship, energy, cheekiness, playfulness, and affection. Jo is as precious and special as can be, and we’re excited to have our first Christmas with Sam and Jo together. 

Of the doggies that Greg and I have known, Sam is the most well-behaved of them all. He is naturally chill, sweet, cerebral, sensitive, playful, affectionate, and very obedient. He’s an awfully good little guy, who earned his ‘NICE’ Christmas bandana right away. In contrast, his little sister Jo is the naughtiest puppy we’ve ever had. She is bold, cunning, tenacious, full of beans, and gets into everything. I was sure that she was going to sport a ‘NAUGHTY’ Christmas bandana this year. But as Jo grew up she developed beautiful manners, and has become a very good little girl. She is as sweet, obedient, and affectionate as Sam, despite her fiesty persona. Jo earned her ‘NICE’ Christmas bandana after all.

Fully grown at five pounds, Jo is the most adorable tiny thing. She loves big brother Sam most of all, and although little sisters can be annoying, Sam grows more fond of Jo every day. They sleep and play together, and have become a formidable team. They enrich our lives in that incomparable way that dogs do.

We’ll be having a festive holiday at home in Seattle. Presents and cosiness at home in the morning, and fun with our very close friends in the afternoon. It’s impossible to have a quiet Christmas with Yorkies. But we are guaranteed a fun one with laugher, personality, good spirits, and lovely long walks.

That’s a wrap for 2021. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, let this be a time to feel comforted, generous, compassionate, and think about the good in our lives. A time to have fun and find peace in our hearts. We’ll be back with stylish thoughts and fashionable fun in the new year. Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, peaceful, festive and happy holiday season.


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