I recently wrote about creating outfits with leather pants, because leather bottoms are having a fashion moment. Today it’s about leather skirts. Most of the leather is faux leather, which is more affordable than real leather and easier to launder. Some faux leather is sustainably and ethically produced. Solids are the norm.

Here are some leather skirt examples:

Leather Midi Skirt
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Here are some easy leather skirt outfit ideas across a range of skirt silhouettes. Feel free to change the palettes to those better suited to your style.

1. Columned Fabness

Combine a leather skirt with a sweater and tall boots in a similar colour to create a column. If creams and beiges are not for you, try light grey, toffee, burgundy, or another colour. The trick here is to get the boots in the same colour as the skirt and sweater. The chunky sweater is semi-tucked to hint at a waistline for structure. Feel free to wear a fine-gauge sweater instead. Pop a coat over the top, add a bag to match, and Bob’s your uncle.

Columned Fabness

2. Playfully Tailored

Combine a straight or A-line leather skirt with a tucked silk blouse. Wear pretty dressy shoes. Pumps or refined boots are a good option. Throw a classic tailored knee-length coat over the top. Add a dressy crossbody bag and optional hosiery. The softness of the silky blouse creates an interesting contrast with the texture of the leather. The addition of cobalt is yummy with the orange-y cognac skirt, while the plaid adds a traditional touch. White shoes pick up the white of the patterned coat.

Playfully Tailored

3. Simply Pleated

Here’s one for those who like hard-edged looks. Combine a black or grey pleated leather skirt with a soft and slouchy V-neck sweater in black or grey. If the outfit needs some structure, semi-tuck the sweater. Add tailored black heeled boots, or flat stompy boots. A graphic tee and denim jacket could work well too. Pop a long or short coat over the lot.

Simply Pleated

4. Casually Pretty

And a casual rendition to complete the set. Combine an A-line leather skirt with a short fitted sweater. This on-trend one has a wide welt to accentuate the waist, and puffy sleeves that amp up the pretty. Finish things off with short chunky boots that pick up the colours of the outfit. Here the cream top, boots and socks match. The choice of cream is also soft and pretty. The black hat matches the black inserts of the boots. Pop a short or long coat over the top, and add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Casually Pretty