I came across the picture below and was impressed with how well the neutrals of the outfit matched the greying hair of the model. The jeans and black component of the blouse pick up the very dark bits of the model’s hair and brows. The white components match the lightest grey bits. The small amounts of brown and gold left in the model’s hair match the toffee sleeve of the blouse and cognac boots. The effect is subtle, but compellingly harmonious to my eye.

Ruti Black Gidi Straight Leg Denim

I like to match what I’m wearing to the colours that run through my hair. My light blonde hair makes wearing footwear in shades of white an easy bookended match. My white pearl jewellery matches my hair. White and cream tops, jeans, toppers and bags match well too. Sandy colours, some tans, gold, and a very light toffee can pick up the darker bits that run through my pixie. A cream and tan snakeskin shoe can be a good match too.

Some of my black-haired clients have earthy and golden streaks running through their dark hair. They wear black items well, but wear earth tones as fabulously because they match the streaks in their hair.

Of course, if you have non-neutrals running through your hair, it’s fun to wear wardrobe items that pick up those colours. For example, clients with blue, pink and burgundy streaked hair like to wear wardrobe items that match the streaks.

Over to you. Do you wear wardrobe items that match the colours running through your hair?