As I said in this morning's blog post, matching neutrals to my hair is a FFB for me, especially since my hair went grey. I wear silver, light grey, and white in almost every outfit to pick up the tones in my hair, and sometimes charcoal, as well.

These items are new, part of the big shop! The sweater is actually an exact duplicate of one I bought five years ago. Alas, it's not a long lasting item -- I got two years of solid wear from it before it pilled badly and I replaced with with the BR sweater pictured below in Finds and in Pic. 3

But the BR sweater proved a poor cousin to the first sweater. It was warmer and it draped well, but it pilled even more egregiously than sweater 1 (and cost a lot more, even on sale). It wasn't as versatile (because it was too warm in some situations, more like a light coatigan). And it lacked the ribbing and slightly variegated shading and the side slits that makes this one more interesting to my eye.

Anyway, I got this version on super sale and while it is not as high quality an item as I might wish, it's a useful placeholder until I find a better light grey duster -- light grey cardigans being essential to my style.

Meanwhile, to get free shipping, I added this foil tee. I already own one silver and white foil tee that I love love love. It's still in good shape, but I knew another would not go to waste in my closet. This one is oversized and animal print, a heavier fabric than the other.

All the other items are older.
Photobomb by Max!

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