I chuckled a little after typing that turtlenecks are on-trend, because turtleneck sweaters are an iconic classic. We see them every season across an assortment of fits, fabrics, silhouettes, thicknesses, colours, stitch variation, and patterns. That said, it’s fun to see turtlenecks have their fashion moment. 

A turtleneck neckline is high, but needn’t be tight. You can choose a version with a looser neck fit, and mock turtlenecks aren’t as high as those that fold over. Turtlenecks can also be cotton-rich if wool and wool blends aren’t for you.

The point of the trend is to layer a turtleneck or mock turtleneck under shirts, blouses, dresses, pinafores, coveralls, chunky sweaters, and vests, like they did back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. There can be an equestrian integrity to this look, which gives it a fab, classic vibe. Ralph Lauren shows a version of it almost every season. In the ‘90s, layering turtlenecks under slip dresses was a thing. Here are some examples of turtlenecks layered in the on-trend way.

The turtlenecks can be any colour and pattern. You can also create any level of contrast between the turtleneck and the next layers. You do not need a white or denim shirt for the look, although it’s frequently shown as a classic combination. You’ll want the turtleneck to be relatively thin, flat, and fitted if you layer under tailored pieces. Fluid fits can work under roomier items. It’s a practical look, because layering turtlenecks in this way can extend the wear of Summery and transitional pieces, and keep you insulated.

I LOVE turtlenecks and have been wearing them since I was a child. My long neck likes turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks, so they are one of my best necklines. My short hair makes them easy to wear. I usually wear turtlenecks under jackets and coats. I also have a turtleneck dress. I layer them less frequently under shirts and dresses, but enjoy those looks too. Writing this post reminds me that I need to get a flannel shirt, since I passed on the one I had that was worn out. I also need a few simple, solid turtlenecks in colours like navy and cream. I have these items on my radar, and will layer the turtleneck under the plaid shirt, and stick a blazer, jacket or coat over the top.

Over to you. Do you like to layer with turtlenecks in this way? Or will you stick to wearing them under jackets and coats. Or simply not wear turtlenecks at all.