The dog days of Summer are here. Lots of people like to wear shorts, so here are four very easy and casual shorts outfits. Most of the looks are neutral, but feel free to throw in non-neutrals. Choose your favourite length of shorts — long or short — and go for it. Substitute shorts with a simple denim or cotton pencil skirt if that’s more your thing. 

1. Crisp Cotton Top and Cognac Complement

Combine a pair of neutral shorts in navy, black, olive, tan, denim, or another earth tone with a crisp, cotton or linen Summery top. White eyelet gets my vote, or a white linen shirt tied or semi-tucked at the waist. Finish things off with flat cognac sandals and a bag to match. White denim shorts that create a white-out effect are another way to go.

Crisp Cotton Top and Cognac Complement

2. Denim and Stripes

Combine a pair of denim shorts with a striped tee. Tuck, semi-tuck, or leave it out. This one is black and white, but you can choose any colour combination. Finish off the look with a pair of sandals or slides that pick up a colour of the stripe. Here the model is wearing black slides that match the black and white striped tee, and bookend her hair. The hoops add a lovely glam yet relaxed touch.

Denim and Stripes

3. Simple with Statement Sandals

This formula is all about the shoes! Combine a pair of shorts with a tee, and complete the look with a pair of casual statement sandals. Here the decorative black sandals match the black of the shorts, and the white tee adds an airy and light Summery touch. A grey, navy, or animal print tee will work well too.

Simple with Statement Sandals

4. Two-Piece Patterned Romper

This is my favourite of the four because it looks cheerful, resort-y, and I love wearing very fluid linen shirts tucked into bottoms in the Summer. Combine a pair of shorts and a top in the same patterned fabric to give the effect of a romper. Or wear a patterned romper. Finish off the look with slides or sandals. Here, the brown Birkenstocks blend beautifully with the model’s skin, while the white soles pick up the white of the pattern. Add jewellery, eyewear, headgear and watch as desired.

Two Piece Patterned Romper