200 Years of Newsroom Style.” The Guardian journalists share the role of their outfits in their reporting (and the importance of pockets).

What Therapists Wear to Work, and How It Changes the Way You See Them.

The HuffPost reports that “Lawyers are consistently judged for what they wear in the courtroom, and it can dramatically affect their clients’ lives.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Shevia directs us to this article about how the lack of uniform and objective sizing leads to waste both environmental and emotional.

Nuancedream never realized that showing one’s grey hair was such a dramatic statement for Ghanaian women. The men don’t resort to the black dye as much. They just shave their heads.

Kyle recommends having a look at some incredibly talented sewists showing their creations.

Suntiger says: This might not be new info to frequent jeans wearers, but it explains in detail different jeans shapes.

Nikki likes the idea of layering a dress for an all-season wardrobe piece.