A recent forum thread that raised a question about caring for linen items got me thinking. Given that linen clothing and scarves crease the minute you put them on, should we bother ironing or steaming them after laundry? Maybe washing and hang-drying our linen items is enough. Pop the clothing back into the closet on hangers, fold the scarves, and wear them just like that. Pre-wrinkled in a uniform way, and ready to rock ’n’ roll. You can spray a little water on dry linen to relax the creases if you like.

I tried not pressing my own linen items after laundry. The exact items are shown in the collection. And I couldn’t do it! I felt compelled to haul out the iron to press them, and the scarves too. The shirt and dress collars need to look pristine for one thing, and I felt more polished knowing they were pressed. Blast. I wish I felt differently because it would be easier.

That said, I am completely at peace with the crease once I’m wearing a linen item. I guess I like to start out looking unwrinkled, with the crispness I seek in outfits. Pressing linen items also seems to restore the fit and shape, and keeps the collars and cuffs smooth. I don’t re-press linen items in between wears, and don’t mind the creases that occur through wearing.

Over to you. Do you press your linen items, or leave them in their pre-wrinkled state? There is no right or wrong answer. It is simply a matter of ease and preference.