Fashionista reports that as people move out of big cities, fashion retail follows.

Even though many clothing rental companies saw a dip in orders since the pandemic first took hold of the U.S. last March, by last Summer, many customers had returned.

thredUP, an online consignment and thrift store, released the results of its 2021 Resale Report, conducted in partnership with third-party retail analytics firm GlobalData, and has found that “the post-pandemic consumer is embracing second-hand clothes.”

“Evidently, the pandemic birthed millions of new secondhand shoppers: 33 million consumers bought secondhand apparel for the first time in 2020. And according to surveys, 76% of those first-timers plan to increase their spend on secondhand in the next five years. In other words, the pandemic may have helped accelerate the growth of fashion resale even further. It also created more resellers: There were an estimated 36.2 million first-time sellers in 2020.”

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