There are countless ways to wear Summer brights. If you’re on Team Brights, figure out how you like to wear them in hot weather and run with it. You might prefer them in solids or patterns, or wear both. You might combine two to four solid brights in one outfit, or stick to one or two and ground them with neutrals. Wear brights on the top or bottom, or both. Wear them as a dress, suit, jumpsuit or romper. Or wear neutrals with bright footwear and bags. Do your own thing, and wear brights your way.

Here are four ways to wear Summer brights, and I’ll take a version of each, thank you very much. I wear brights all year round, and feel calm and energized by them. Note that jewel tones can be your brights.

1. Party Pants

Combine a pair of lightweight patterned Summer cropped pants with a top that picks up a colour in the pattern. Choose a neutral or non-neutral. You can tuck, semi-tuck, or leave the top untucked. This version is dressy but feel free to create a more casual vibe. Add shoes that work with the outfit, and earrings that pick up a colour in the pattern. Here, I like the way the neutral shoes match the top, and how the red earrings match the pants. Feel free to sub pants for a skirt if that’s more to your taste.

Party Pants

2. Bright Dress

Choose a bright solid or patterned dress. Add shoes and bag in a neutral or non-neutral, and Bob’s your uncle. It’s that easy! Here, the black slides bookend the model’s hair, and match the bag and the buttons of the dress. The matching creates a pulled together effect.

Bright Dress

3. Billowing and Beachy

Combine a solid or patterned billowing and breezy soft blouse or knitted top with a pair of shorts. The shorts can be blue denim, white, or another colour. Add Summery shoes like slides, sandals, huaraches, fashion sneakers, espadrilles or mules. Sunnies, bag, and a smile complete the look.

Billowing and Beachy

4. Summer Suit

A bright Summer suit in a lightweight cotton or linen might not make sense to you, but it does to those who work in an air-conditioned office or retail space. Working in air-conditioned stores all day, I’d be very comfortable in this outfit and welcome the coverage. Make sure you like the outfit without the topper too. That way when you remove the jacket, you feel just as fab. Pristine white sneakers match the white layering top, and create a fun Sporty Luxe vibe. By all means add dressier shoes instead. Add jewellery, watch and bag as desired.

Summer Suit

Who else bats for Team Summer Brights?