We are halfway through the year and fifteen months into the global pandemic. I can barely believe how time has flown by. In the US, life is slowly but surely normalizing. But in some ways, the world has changed forever. We’re adapting to new normals. I try to remember that each day brings us the power to be positive and hopeful amidst the stress, anxiety, loss, and uncertainty that we’ve experienced.

Today I’m reflecting back on the annual style goals I set back in January. Overall, things are going better than I expected.

1. Be true to my style aspirations that are Modern, Crisp, Retro, Soft and Dressy. Check! Although I’ve only just started working with clients in person, I continue to dress up in my usual way while working from home, doing errands on foot, and to walk our Yorkies Sam and Jo.

I’ve made some permanent changes to my style that were brought on by the pandemic. I’m wearing polished fashion sneakers, both low tops and hi tops, most of the time. I am seeing some clients wearing them too. Wearing fashion sneakers with clients is a HUGE change for me, and not my ideal choice. I’d rather be working with clients in dressier shoes because it feels and looks more professional. But because I walk almost everywhere and have fussy feet, I have to keep them happy and comfortable. It’s a healthy necessity at this point. I wear dressier shoes when I’m working with clients for a shorter amount of time.

I’m also leaving off the tinted moisturizer, wearing lip balm instead of lipstick, and keeping my short hair in a super easy wash-and-go pixie. For now, I’m enjoying my simpler beauty and grooming routine. I might be in the mood for a more complex routine next year.

2. Prioritize Quality. Check. My commitment to wearing beautifully constructed and finished items made of gorgeous fabrics that launder well, and LAST, is going gangbusters. Good quality has little to do with the price of the item these days, so it’s up to us to build our own set of quality check boxes and be as discerning as we can.

3. Make manageable sustainable and ethical wardrobe decisions. Check. I remain committed to making the most sustainable and ethical wardrobe decisions that I can manage. They aren’t perfect decisions, but I improve on them every year while keeping my wardrobe in a happy place. I de-pill garments and launder very carefully so that I can hold onto them for longer. I alter clothing more than I used to so that I can purchase from brands that produce sustainable and ethically. I pass on items to Dress for Success and to people who will happily continue wearing items that no longer work for me but work well for them. I cannot entirely avoid polyester and man-made fibres, but am wearing less of them. And I continue to be thoughtful and mindful with my wardrobe edits and additions to minimize waste.

4. Express my style through colour and my favourite patterns. Check. My style is more colourful, maximal, and pattern-rich than ever, because it positively affects my mood. For patterns, I’m sticking to the classics like stripes, dots, plaids, and some florals and geometrics because I don’t tire of them. For colours, I’m sticking with sour brights, whites, dark blue, light blue, gold, and blush. I find that I am VERY attracted to patterns on this leg of my style journey, and have to remember not to ignore solids. Here are some of my newer patterned acquisitions.

5. Continue exploring the world of fun and practical dressy pants. Check. I LOVE wearing fun dressier pants, and especially in the plaids and checks that are signature to my style. They are a great alternative to jeans, and always on my radar. So far, I’ve added navy gingham pants, and checked turquoise and orange wide leg pants.

6. Continue adding elegant-to-me touches to my style. Check. I do my hair and make-up, apply a scent, sport pretty clothes, maintain a high level of outfit neatness, and wear my pearls, EVERY day. No exceptions. This goes a long way to making me feel elegant, good about my appearance, and ready for whatever the day throws at me. I’m also wearing midi skirts, pants, jeans, tops and dresses that move in a way that looks elegant to my eye. Nothing too short, tight, or oversized. Lots of tailored fluidity, swoosh, and romantic flounce. Good posture makes me feel elegant too, and regular yoga practices help with that. I miss my refined non-fashion sneaker shoes and hope to wear them more frequently soon.

7. Sport my signature style, despite the trends. Check. That means edgy short blonde hair, equal parts classic and trendy, an emphasis on the “soft and pretty,” statement eyewear and handbag, natural make-up, modest coverage, white pearls, white footwear, white jeans, fluidly tailored outfits, lots of colour, classic patterns, pattern mixing, hectic colour combinations, light neutrals, dark blue, flat footwear, fashion sneakers, and no nail polish.

8. Refresh my at-home yoga capsule. Check, and here are the completed results.

9. Refresh my capsule of white tops for Spring and Summer. Check. I managed to get two white tops. A warmer hoodie for Spring which I’ve worn a lot, and a shirt for Summer. They are great and I adore them.

10. Refresh my white jeans capsule with wider silhouettes. Check. I found two great roomy white jeans styles. One is a high-rise boyfriend, and the other a very relaxed high-rise straight. I had the G-Stars significantly altered with stellar results. The Frame jeans are ripped and torn in the stock photo, but are not in real life.

11. Add more citron to my wardrobe, starting with a new dressy satchel. Check. I found a lovely lemony cardigan that I wear buttoned up like a top as a welcome change to pullovers. I also added a dressy chain-strap satchel. The bag is not a clear-cut replacement for my battered citron Furla, but it will share the wear because citron bags are workhorses for my style.

12. Add more flowing and fun skirts to my skirt capsule. Unfortunately nothing yet, but we have six months to go. That said, I don’t wear skirts in chilly and cold weather so this might have to wait till next year when I once again refresh my wardrobe for Spring and Summer.

13. Try a pair of G-Star jeans. Check. I got a great pair of G-Star white jeans, a sublime A-line denim skirt, and a classically tailored dark wash denim jacket. All work horses, and sustainably and ethically produced.

14. Add a blush pink wool coat to my coat collection. Nothing yet, but I hope to find a beautiful blush pink wool coat at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preselections next month. It has to be sufficiently warm, long, fluidly tailored, and just the right shade of saturated blush. It’s a tall order, but you never know. I am in no rush, and eventually the right light pink coat will find me!

I’ve finished my refresher shop for Spring and Summer. All that’s left to do is wear the heck out of my stuff and repeat my favourite outfits. I hope we have a lovely hot Seattle Summer so that I can wear the heck out of my dresses and skirts. I’ll be thinking about Fall and Winter fashion soon when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale comes around. In the meantime, over to you. Have you managed to achieve some of your style goals?