If you’re in the US, we hope you’re having a safe, lovely, and peaceful Memorial Day. We’re relaxing at the Cox Castle and enjoying the rest of what has been an unexpectedly beautiful Seattle Spring. We’re throwing in a poll about lipstick too. 

You are on Team Lipstick if you prefer to wear lipstick all or most of the time. You are on Team No Lipstick if you tend to leave it off, or wear it infrequently. Note that if you wear lip balm instead of lipstick, you’re on Team No Lipstick.

I used to LOVE lipstick. Almost as much as mascara. I wore soft, shimmery and light shades that added subtle polish to my look and brightened my face. I wore it every day, and reapplied many times a day. I felt a little unfinished without my lipstick.

Fifteen months into the global pandemic and I haven’t worn lipstick since March 9th 2020. Lipstick doesn’t work well with masks, and I feel odd wearing lipstick at home. So I switched to lip balm because I enjoy moisture on my lips, and its subtle shine and polish.

With life slowly but surely normalizing here in the US, I thought I’d be excited to wear lipstick again now that I’m fully vaccinated. Or at least wear it some of the time. But to my surprise, I haven’t missed it, and am not reaching for it at all. I’ve grown very used to and happy with lip balm as my lippie. It’s providing just enough polish, and ample moisture. With very short and super easy wash-and-go hair, no more tinted moisturizer, and leaving off the lipstick, I seem to be craving a simpler and natural beauty routine. It might be a phase, or it might be permanent. Time will tell. It feels awfully strange to write that I bat for Team No Lipstick, but that’s dead right for now. Never say never when it comes to fashion and style.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Lipstick or Team No Lipstick? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, sit this one out on the bench where I’m serving a yummy and very light plant-based meal. Butternut and pea Indo curry with brown rice and quinoa, pickled salad, and sambal. Sliced mangos for dessert.