Forum member Gretchen recently posted about a misfire that turned workhorse. She bought a super cute Boden pullover last Fall, and wore it once in the Autumn and Winter. But when Spring came around in March, the pullover unexpectedly saw lots of action because the weight, colours and pattern were more suited to Spring. Gretchen was awfully pleased that she held onto the pullover, which became a wardrobe MVP (Most Valuable Player).

I can relate to this with a few items from my own wardrobe. Although I bought the four items in the collection below to wear in the Autumn, I hardly did. But as soon as the mild and less wet weather came through for Spring, I wore them a lot more frequently.

  • The first pair of Boden low-tops are warm, but I tend to stick to more insulating hi-tops in cold and wet weather. Instead they work beautifully for Spring, and the stripes look more Spring-y too.
  • The white ECCO hi-tops are cut low at the back, which gives me bare back ankles. Although I wear warm knee-highs, this type of breezier hi-top silhouette is better suited to a sunnier Spring.
  • The chevron dress is too thin to wear for most of Autumn, but it’s perfect for Spring and cool Seattle Summer days. It’s great layered with a short topper too.
  • The short navy puffer was bought to replace a worn-out wardrobe essential, but again, it’s not warm enough for Autumn. Yet it’s perfect for Spring, or a cool and windy Pacific North West Summer day at the beach. That means I’ll need to find a warmer version of the puffer jacket for Autumn and Winter.

Have you bought things for Fall, barely worn them, only to find out that they are great for Spring? Or maybe you’ve bought things for Spring that have worked out better for Fall?