Software engineer hubs Greg lovingly built YLF for me back in 2006, and on April 5 that year my first post was published. I was 35 back then, and I turn 51 in July. Fifteen years later to the day, and YLF is strong, steady, and made it through the global pandemic with a positive and hopeful attitude. I couldn’t have predicted the success and longevity of YLF, but here we are. We haven’t missed a (non-holiday weekday) day of posting yet, and our social community is unique and fabulous in many ways.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for the tremendous support. You are what makes YLF a special place on the internet by graciously sharing your wit and wisdom in blog comments and forum posts. Your thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and insightful contributions enrich this community, make me grow as a person, and provide me with daily inspiration. A special shoutout to Fabbers who have supported YLF for ten years and counting — some for the full fifteen years. I’m humbled by your loyalty.

Inge has been a Fabber for thirteen years, and part of the YLF team for ten. Inge is a kind, capable and sweet person, a delight to work with, and a very dear friend. A big thank you to Inge for a decade of hard work, support, friendship, and fun! I hope to see Inge in the Netherlands by the end of the year when I hopefully see my Dad. I usually see Inge a few times a year and miss her.

My biggest thank you to Greg. His ongoing behind the scenes YLF work is incredible, and all on top of his demanding day job. There would be no YLF without him, and I am forever grateful.

On a sentimental note, I recently watched the video Fabbers put together marking YLF’s five year anniversary. It brings me to tears every single time. Our ten year anniversary was extraordinary, and the very special gift that accompanied it continues to blow my mind.

8th Birthday Cake

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in killer YLF gatherings in New York, Boston, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Chicago, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, and of course Seattle. The epic gathering we had for Inge when she visited Seattle in 2014 was off the charts. It’s high time we rekindle the fabness. I’m hoping that by the end of the year, after we’ve been fully vaccinated, we can gather as a group somewhere and celebrate YLF’s decade and a half. We can have gatherings across the globe so no-one is left out.


In the meantime, here’s to spreading the word that style is not an age, size, or budget. It’s a do-your-own-thing, authentic energy, confidence, and ease that is expressed through what you wear and how you wear it. Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and healthy day.