If you like forest green, wear it year round in the right seasonal fabrics and weights for the weather. There is no need to limit forest green to Autumn or cold-weather dressing. I wear traditional Spring and Summer colours year round, so by all means wear Autumn and Winter colours year round too. 

This post was inspired by a client of mine who has beautiful green eyes. Forest green is one of her favourite and best colours, so she wears it as much as she can. She lives in a very hot climate and combines forest green with white, black, shades of blue, fuchsia, bling, and bright lipstick year round. It works very well! She looks and feels fabulous.

Here’s some forest green outfit inspiration for cooler Spring weather.

1. Suited with a Pop of Forest

This rendition is about a forest green top that becomes the focal point of an outfit in a strong and quiet way. A solid forest green top is combined with a plaid suit that has a bit of green running through it. If suits aren’t your thing, stick to patterned bottoms with a little forest green in them to match the top. Black shoes work with the black in the pattern. Shoes in a shade of brown or even white could work too. Choose a neutral or green bag to match.

Suited with a Pop of Forest

2. White, Black and Forest Green

Think of any way to combine white and black with forest green. Here, the white bottoms are a nice nod to Spring. The patterned top consists of all three colours, which brings the look together. The long forest topper is gorgeously dressy and dramatic, and creates fresh and new proportions with the cropped wide legs. The black shoes bookend the model’s hair and pick up the black in the pattern. You could have worn a solid forest green top with a black topper instead. Or a solid black top with this outfit.

White, Black and Forest Green

3. Forest Floral

A pink and berry floral on a forest green background can look great for Spring. The pattern is in the form of a dress here, but it could have been a top paired with blue or white jeans, or blush bottoms. The white hi-tops amp up the crisp Spring factor of the look. White and blush shoes could work too. Throw on a denim jacket, or a forest, berry or blush topper.

Forest Floral

4. Sour, Snake and a Forest Bag

And last, create just about any Spring look in neutrals or non-neutrals and throw in a forest green bag as a stand-alone item. It does not need to match anything in the outfit, although it might match your eyes. Here the sour lime top doesn’t match, but complements the forest green bag because they are both green. The blue looks great with both greens, while the snake pattern does its neutral job of balancing the non-neutrals. White shoes are the crisp finishing touch. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Sour Snake and a Forest Bag