This week’s list of top picks is short and sweet. I’m particularly happy about the Tommy John panties. Finding a pair of knickers that are comfy, relatively pretty, and look flattering is like discovering hidden treasure. I recently found this new-to-me brand and I’m excited to share it. 

1. Tommy John Panties

My favourite Hanky Panky cotton and lace boy shorts have been discontinued. I’ve been replenishing with the same style for years because they work so well, but now that I can’t it’s very annoying. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Lace Briefs were recommended to me as a good alternative, and now I like them even better. Unfortunately they don’t match my favourite bras, but they do fit extremely well, look good, and launder well too. Most importantly, there is excellent bottom coverage, and they stay put. No wedgies or shifting at all. And no panty lines either. I’ve got the regular waist lace briefs in cotton because I prefer cotton undies. But they come in a range of styles and fabrics, so take a peek.

2. Athleta Bottoms

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. Athleta make great very casual and comfortable bottoms. They specialize in technical fabrics that are easy to launder and mostly elastic or half elastic at the waist. But they do a few non-Athleisure items too. Sizes run from US00 to US26 and tend to run a little big. Their fits often work for curvier figures, and there is a large colour assortment. Prices are especially reasonable on sale.

3. Theory Clairene Luxe Shawl Collar Coat

This is a beautifully fluid luxe topper with an architectural vibe. A little dressier than a cardigan but not as dressy as a tailored jacket or coat. It can work well indoors, and does not look like outerwear. Fab for Zoom meetings as a cosy and interesting third piece too. Some of the collars are notched, but most have a shawl collar. The volume on the body is tempered by the sleek fit on the sleeves, and the side entry pockets come in handy. It’s super soft and works on a range of body types, but might run a little big. I was drawn to the citron one a while ago, and tried it on. Personally, I found it a little long and big for my frame, but it was gorgeous nonetheless. It looks best on those who can fill it out. Many are on sale, so shop around for the best price.

4. Vince Zinnia Floral Ruched Skirt

A beautifully cut and refined asymmetrical skirt in two very neutral and quiet patterns. Gorgeous in motion. Very comfortable, lightweight, and breezy. Can work well on petites because it isn’t that long. It looks fine with the right untucked top, so don’t think you have to tuck. Can work well on both a straighter and curvier figure. Flattering, interesting in a subtle way, and a little romantic.