A new outfit from Kim Mitchell Stokes of J’Adore Couture, whom we introduced to YLF in April 2016.

This is a fun take on Angie’s Pattern Squared Outfit Formula. Kim is wearing two zebra print pieces that don’t match but go well together in a trendy juxtaposed way. Her brown, black and white long-sleeved top in a jacquard knit creates subtle textural interest. Tucking the top into the white and black patterned pleated skirt lengthens the leg line. Both the top and skirt have white and black running through them, which creates visual cohesion. Both pieces are also a medium scale animal print, which ties things together. The squiggly vertical lines up top combined with the horizontal lines of the skirt playfully draw the eye up and down. Kim’s black stiletto sock booties bookend the black in the outfit, and add a tailored and dressy touch. Her black bag adds structure and further ties the look together.

Kim Mitchell Stokes