Winter tweed skirts are woven, woolly, warm, and worn in colder weather. They are typically a mix of flecked colours, but come in plaids and checks too. You’ll find them in all sorts of colours, but neutral versions are most popular. 

Tweed skirts are sometimes considered formal, overly classic, and constricting. I beg to differ, because as with many things in fashion and style, the devil is in the details. If you add the right support act to an item, you can effectively change its vibe.

I found some tweed skirt outfits that have a wonderfully relaxed and modern vibe to them. Only one of them is a pencil skirt, which is the most constricting silhouette. For a more comfortable silhouette, choose A-lines and flares. The outfits show fine-gauge and chunky knitwear as tops to keep out the chill, but feel free to add a blouse or shirt if that’s more your thing. Choose any colour palette, and use these looks as a guide to create your own versions.

1. Sporty Luxe

This is my favourite of the four because it looks elegant, practical, comfortable and crisp. If I put the jacket on properly, add a crossbody bag, nude-for-me hosiery, and stitch up the front vent a little so that it’s less open, I could run around town doing errands in this look with Yorkie Sam in tow. On that note, combine an A-line tweed skirt with a roomy pullover. Personally, I love the knee-covering length of this skirt, but you can go shorter. Semi-tuck the pullover, or wear it untucked. Complete the look with sneakers and a jacket or coat. I like the way the white sneakers and top match, thereby pulling the look together. The casual pullover and sneakers relax the skirt.

Sporty Luxe

2. Kilted and Pattern Mixed

Combine a kilt with a pullover that picks up a colour in the pattern of the kilt. Add a patterned scarf in the same colour palette as the kilt. The scarf needn’t be another plaid or check. It can be any pattern as long as the colours are similar to the rest of the outfit. Add hosiery, boots and topper that work with the outfit. I don’t fancy the heaviness of the navy opaques and boots styled with this outfit. I’d have gone for something lighter and cream boots. That said, topping off the outfit with a navy coat would balance out the heaviness. The casual pullover and scarf relax the skirt.

Kilted and Pattern Mixed

3. Black Support Act

Adding a black support act to a tweed skirt that contains black in the pattern is usually a home run. Here, this black and white tweed mini has been combined with a black and white checked cropped pullover that simply looks like a smaller scale of the pattern of the skirt. But you can substitute with a solid black top to match black hosiery, and flat tall or short black boots. Throw in a bag, coat or jacket that works with the pattern of the skirt. The flat riding boots and chunky pullover relax the skirt. These types of mini tweed skirts look sensational on some of my petite clients.

Black Support Act

4. Casual Elegance

This is the dressiest option. Combine a long flared tweed skirt with a very roomy pullover that picks up a colour in the pattern of the skirt. Semi-tuck it to create some structure by hinting at a waistline. The black belt here is part of the skirt, and matches the black boots. The tailored heeled booties amp up the dressiness of the outfit. Black hosiery and pumps, or tailored tall boots could work too. You can top off an oversized pullover with a ruana, cape, or poncho. The extreme slouch of the chunky pullover relaxes the skirt. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Casual Elegance