I barely wear jewellery, but love this look. The individual necklaces are dainty, mostly metal (any type) and neutral in colour. Some of them have refined pendants, and some don’t. To my eye, this is an interesting, pretty, minimally-maximal, and fresh way to wear jewellery. It also ensures that you wear your jewellery.

Sometimes the layering is achieved by a single necklace comprised of multiple strands, so the layering and remixing is done for you. So easy, like Kozakh shows when you hover over their necklace sets. Alternatively, you can layer multiple necklaces yourself. Find between two and five daintier necklaces at staggered lengths and arrange them to your liking. I’ve found that I prefer the vibe when at least one of the necklaces has a pendant because it visually anchors the look and creates a bit of structural dimension. A variation in link shape looks really good too, and by all means mix metals.

Kozakh Madison + Serpent Necklace Set

Kozakh Locklyn Necklace

Layered dainty necklaces work well with a low neckline that showcases skin. But they can work as well inside an open shirt/blouse collar, or V-neckline. And over a crew neckline where the necklaces rest on fabric and not the skin.

At first, I thought that the vibe was for those who don’t wear earrings, or at least keep their earrings simple and small. After all, the necklaces should create a focal point and not compete with other accessories. But I changed my mind as soon as I saw clients and friends rock the combination of big earrings and layered necklaces. The layered necklaces can complement other accessories instead of fighting for the star spot.

I don’t wear earrings, but wear one of my short white pearl necklaces daily. Sometimes I layer them with my monogram “A” necklace or pearl pendant. The pearls are quite chunky, but somehow exude a dainty vibe. The pendant necklaces are very dainty. The exact items are shown in the collection. I wear the double layer of necklaces in open shirt collars, or over crew, boat and slash necklines. I also wear them with red specs, and don’t feel it’s too much going on.