Saint + Sofia is a UK company based in London that aspires to fuse art and science. Design is inspired by modern culture, art, and music to create versatile silhouettes with a twist. The science is about building an efficient and smart supply chain using data science, machine learning, lean manufacturing principles, and “just in time” production. 

Saint + Sofia strives to be a sustainable and ethical brand that minimizes its negative impact on the environment and our climate. Using better fabrics to save our planet is a passion. For example, organic cotton mitigates climate change by eliminating intensive fertilizers, reducing water contamination and consumption, preserving soil quality, and reducing energy requirements. So wherever possible, the brand uses eco-friendly materials that feel luxurious on the skin, and are good for nature.

Saint + Sofia handpicked its manufacturing partners in Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey to meet their goals of producing in an efficient, ethical and sustainable way. Fabrics and trims are sourced from family-owned suppliers in Europe, and close to where items are produced to minimize carbon footprint. The brand uses bio-degradable packaging, plants trees for UK charity “Trees for Cities”, and collaborates with the World Wild Fund for Nature.

Saint + Sofa Rock & Roll Scarf

Saint + Sofa Cambridge Short

Saint + Sofa Sutton Skirt

As I browse the collections, I see Team Casually Polished and Neutral Hard Edge. Sleek yet comfortably fluid, texture-rich, easy, simple, rock ’n’ roll, a touch of crisp, good quality, and lots and lots of black. I see many trendy classics that emphasize sustainability, longevity, and versatility. Prices are relatively competitive and not too outrageous. The brand boasts size inclusivity by offering US2 to US18 with petite, regular and tall inseams. It’s a great start, but there is room for improvement on that front.

The sartorial integrity of the brand isn’t a great fit for my own style, but I can see it working extremely well for some of my clients, and especially for those who wear a lot of black. Some of our forum members have had great success with the brand which is encouraging. Let me know what you think of the Saint + Sofia’s vibe in the comments.