London-based clothing label Saint & Sofia claims to be serious about sustainability. Their casual yet luxurious items are made of fabrics that are better for the planet. They use biodegradable packaging, regenerated materials, and will ship across the globe. Their items seem more affordable than most sustainable brands. Sizes run from US2 to US18, which isn’t as inclusive as it could be, but it’s a start. I haven’t seen, felt or fitted their items yet, but will report back on the quality when I do. Or perhaps you know the brand, and can share your thoughts.

Their design integrity is for those who like to wear a lot of casual black. It’s sporty and Athleisure, yet remixed with many modern classics and trendy silhouettes. The assortment includes lots of comfy knits, which make the vibe appealing for travel, staying at home, gals and Mums on the go, and very casual settings. The range includes a bit of solid blue, burgundy, teal, blush, white and grey, and a smattering of animal print in a sneaker. But most of their items are solid black. These items can be remixed with jeans and dressier items your way, making them quite versatile.

Here are some easy outfit formulas by the sustainable brand that caught my attention. You can either give the brand a go, or replicate the look with substitutes.

1. Comfy Column of Black

Combine a pair of wide leg black pants with a black tee, moto jacket, white sneakers, and you’re good to go. The pants can be knitted or woven, and are practical at the new shorter full length. The tee can be white or grey, or a turtleneck. Reproduce the vibe in dark blue, olive or charcoal if that’s more to your taste. To my eye the white sneakers make the look by breaking up the black and adding a crisp and trendy touch. Maybe metallic sneakers are more your thing.

Saint+Sofa Camden Wide Leg Pant

2. Rock ’n’ Roll

You can take the top part of this outfit and match it with the bottom part of the first one. In other words, combine a pair of wide leg black pants with a black tee, moto, and statement grey scarf. Or keep it Athleisure with black leggings, or more structured with a pair of jeans. Add black, white or grey sneakers. A white, olive or grey tee or pullover will also work. The volume and two-toned interest of the scarf are what give the outfit its interest and drama.

Saint+Sofa Rock and Roll Scarf

3. Rocker Western

If you’re more of a skirt gal, try combining a flared midi skirt with a tee and moto jacket. Finish off the look with western combat boots. The blue, black and white palette works well, but you can switch the colours around. A black tee or pullover will work too. A short fitted top can be worn over the skirt instead of tucking it in. The black boots bookend the model’s hair and jacket. How fun are the pockets of the skirt! The jacket and boots give the outfit its structure so that it’s not all knitted.

Saint+Sofa Noho Skirt

4. Trendy Classic

Combine a pair of black trendy wide crops or shorter culottes with a tucked or semi-tucked grey or white tee, a black belt, and short black bomber jacket. Finish off the outfit with trendy white Seinfeld sneakers, classic slip-on fashion sneakers, or any other casual footwear that tickles your fancy. A denim jacket or moto can work instead of a bomber, and by all means add a scarf. Add jewellery, watch and headgear as desired.

Saint+Sofa Shoreditch Culotte